Concept and organization

The Maroc Classic concept


[cml_media_alt id='2539']Maroc-Classic-478[/cml_media_alt]The great story of the Rally of Maroc Classic “La Route du Coeur” (The road of the heart) is beautiful and rich. The magnificence of the places, the variety of the scenery, the warm welcome of a population always enthusiastic, the richness of the gastronomy, the physical qualities indispensable for such a long, selective and demanding circuit: all these ingredients have made up the strong identity of the Rally of Maroc Classic since 20 years.
In a few years, the Rally has become an appointment you cannot miss in the international calendar of the historic regularity competition whose main achievement is to be THE REFERENCE.

The Rally Morocco Classic – La Route du Coeur allows fans of beautiful cars to combine sporty driving and enjoying discoveries in a safe environment, with technical assistance.


No need to describe the magic and beauty of Morocco, travelers’ tales all have already convinced us. The paved roads are all excellent and allow crews easy and safely driving for vehicles. Happiness is handy, easy road just technical enough to stay focused, grandiose and varied landscapes, pleasant temperatures, unexpected lunch breaks and stages with different atmosphere, always welcoming, as the image of the country.

We are used to select at each city step, the most luxurious and top-rated hotels and, like the Mirage at TANGER, Tamuda Bay at TETOUAN, the Sahrai Hôtel at FES, Michlifen at IFRANE, Tombouctou at MERZOUGA, the Widiane at BIN EL OUIDANE and Mamounia at MARRAKECH.


Open to beginners and more experienced drivers, participants must show the same precision in a regularity test. That’s clock management that makes the difference. Additional tests are also designed to spice up the rankings (regularity test on circuit).


The Rally Morocco Classi has been a partner for 24 years, of the Heure Joyeuse (charitable association of public utility). Its mission is to facilitate social inclusion of young people in rural or urban areas.
The generosity of participants in Rally Morocco Classic makes each year, during an auction, some founds to be given to the assiociation to help its cause.

Eligible cars for the “MAROC CLASSIC”:

[cml_media_alt id='2516']901[/cml_media_alt]touring cars, sports cars and GT cars built between 1930 and 1983. Replicas are accepted.

Eligible cars for the “MAROC PRESTIGE”:

[cml_media_alt id='2519']231[/cml_media_alt]sports cars and GT cars built since the beginning of 1984, , in accordance with the Rallye Maroc Classic « Spirit » and registered in the list of the eligible GT given on demand by the organizer..

All about the rally ...

Rally organization

Rally Morocco Classic The 25th – La Route du Coeur is a regularity race reserved, by invitation, to ancient and modern GT cars.
They must meet the criteria of the organization CNP (Cyril Neveu Promotion). Held from 10 to 16 March 2018, Morocco Classic Rally allows fans of beautiful cars to combine sporty driving and discoveries while enjoying a safe environment and an omnipresent technical assistance. A road book is given to each crew at the start of the race.

As always, we ask His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, that he accepts the Honorary Presidency.


The CNP organization manages the transport of cars, from the largest cities in Europe and back. The transport vehicle is provided by a team of specialists to ensure maximum safety and compliance with the assigned material.
The amount of this option is € 3,150 per car transported. The property entrusted are insured for a value of € 30,500 (expandable).


Rally Morocco Classic is under the supervision and kindness of the Royal Gendarmerie and the Royal Moroccan security. Each day, a vehicle of the organization opens the road. Similarly, a medical vehicle follows the last competitor with a mechanic and a doctor on board.