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MORROCO, Nothing to fear…

Chers(es) Ami(es),

Vous avez dû être inquiété(e) par les troubles qui agitent l’actualité internationale. Vous avez raison de vous poser la question de la sécurité publique au Maroc, elle est normale. Nous nous sommes posé la même question.

Nous avons cherché des informations pour y répondre. Je me suis immédiatement mis en relation avec les Autorités Marocaines au plus haut niveau. J’ai interrogé notre correspondant au Maroc qui a joint ses partenaires habituels : Ministères, Sécurité nationale, Gendarmerie Royale. Nous avons interrogé nos connaissances qui sont au Maroc avec deux rallyes qui s’y déroulent actuellement.

Les informations recueillies sont toutes convergentes. Les Autorités marocaines ont relevé leur niveau de sécurité et ont confirmé qu’il n’y avait pas de risque. La sécurité publique est assurée partout au Maroc. Ces dires ont été confirmés par un communiqué officiel émanent du Ministère du Tourisme dont nous avons été destinataires.

Par ailleurs, nous nous sommes référés aux conclusions du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères français qui annonce un niveau de vigilance normale au Maroc.

Le Rallye MAROC CLASSIC est d’abord un loisir, un plaisir, une belle aventure. Il se déroulera normalement. Les inscriptions se poursuivent : une trentaine d’inscrits, soit davantage que l’an passé à la même période.

Communiqué du Ministère du Tourisme, Royaume du Maroc
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François Hollande rassure sur la sécurité au Maroc
Communication du Portail d’information sur le tourisme au Maroc, 14 octobre 2014
Après les cafouillages sur les cartes du Quay D’Orsay, présentant tour à tour le Maroc comme une zone à risque puis comme une zone normale, le Président de la République Français à tenu a éclaircir la situation…
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Travellers to Morocco
Page FaceBook Travellers to Morocco
Have you travelled to Morocco recently? Are you in Morocco now? Help us to inform the world that Morocco continues to be the friendly and welcoming country it has always been.

People who know Morocco are always delighted at the genuine warmth and friendliness they find everywhere they go, as well as the sense of safety they feel. They understand how wrong the Western media are when they speak of ‘Islam’ or ‘the Arab world’ as if it were a single uniform entity with no shades. This misconception is very unfair; almost as unfair as thinking that one should be wary of travelling to Britain because of the 7/7 bombings in London or the violent Islamist murder of Lee Rigby. We believe that very few people who live in Britain think they are unduly at risk. There are numerous similar examples for a huge range of European countries and also the US.

This Facebook Group has been created by people who know and love Morocco and its people. Due to some of the generalisations being portrayed by the media that all Muslim countries are the same, many people are reticent to visit this beautiful country. Our aim is to show travellers that Morocco is the same friendly and peaceful country it has always been. By deciding not to visit Morocco, you are taking on board the fears that the terrorists want you to feel. We urge you not to give in to such fear.

The postings here are from people who have recently travelled to Morocco, perhaps even for the first time. You can make your own judgments based on their experiences of how they found the country and its people.

If you have travelled in Morocco since this Facebook group was set up recently, please post your impressions here. The purpose of this group is to give people who have never been to Morocco a better understanding of the country as it is right now.

We would like to ask those hesitant to travel to Morocco to keep the risk of terrorism in perspective. Hardly anyone is involved in acts of terrorism, even in high-risk countries such as the UK (currently in the top 10 of high risk countries to visit).

Some 1.2 m people are killed each year in road accidents worldwide, with 50 m people injured; however, we all accept this risk and many of us travel by car every day.

The Financial Times of 27 Sept 2001, just after the attacks on the twin towers reported: “Meanwhile, the best that the ordinary citizen can do, especially if we are in for the long haul, is doggedly to pursue our normal activities.”

We urge you to do the same.

We hope you find this group and its postings useful.

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