October 2014 – Press release #1

New Challenge for Cyril Neveu!

We remember that Cyril Neveu, five-time winner of the Paris Dakar with motorcycle, organizer for more than 20 years of rally-raid in Tunisia and Morocco, abandoned helmet and boots to the desert to take over Maroc Classic Rally, an event welcome all lovers of classic cars. [cml_media_alt id='143']cyril-neveu3[/cml_media_alt]Cyril, From where, when do you have this passion for Classic Cars? « I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful machines, whether on two or four wheels … My father gave me the virus very young and since I remained an avid collector. When in 2013 the opportunity arose to return to Maroc Classic Rally created by my friend Jean François Rageys, I was really happy. The world of vintage cars is captivating. The cars often have unique and amazing stories related to their brand, their track record or simply to their owner. They are pretexts for meetings and extremely interesting discussion ».
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