Rally Recce 2015: Day 1

[cml_media_alt id='537']image008[/cml_media_alt]Summer atmosphere in Casablanca where the recce team meets . Establishment of the scrutineering park and tour of the hotel … Departure to Oulaidia, getting out of town via the coastal road . The landscape of the major industrial land changes quickly to make room for farmland of the Doukkala-Abda Province. Unrivaled charm of the great Atlantic coast where the waves seem to weave a lively coat dressing to cliffs. Quick stop make a tasty and unusual Sunday lunch time! Special stages will be short, held on narrow roads and off the main traffic. The great outdoors before Essaouira make us forget the tumult of the waterfront cities . Checked in Essaouira, Historical city … to discover!
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