Stage 2 – Monday March 18, 2019 – AGADIR – Taghazout – AGADIR

Rallye Maroc Classic – La Route du Coeur
Stage 2 – Monday March 18, 2019 – AGADIR – Taghazout – AGADIR

A LOOP IN THE PARADISE VALLEY – 4 Regularity tests
It was in a light fog, which quickly dissipated to give way to a big sun, that competitors left Agadir this morning for a completely new itinerary for the Rally Morocco Classic in the valleys of the mountains bordering seaside.

The crew MEZIANE & CHEMAO, winner last year, who was to continue the rally driving a new vehicle, a Ferrari Mondial, unfortunately suffered a new technical problem and is forced to abandon the rally.

The participants crossed the “valley of paradise” whose road follow the meanders of the oued that runs along and among arid mountains with sometimes vertiginous cliffs.
It was then three regularity stages were held, not far from the Immouzzer waterfalls, on a sinuous and sometimes dusty roads. The competitors finished this morning with the descent to Tamri, and its cultivated banana valley, leading to the Atlantic.

Lunch took place at the “Paradis Plage” and everyone enjoyed a buffet served “feet in the sand” with the opportunity to dive in the waves of the ocean.

The afternoon was sporty as well, the competitors have evolved on a winding course in this inexhaustible region for rallying resources, with yet another test of regularity. The organizer decided to impose the high average on all the participants during ERR5 and ERR6, and crew BENAMOUR & HIRIART offers us some show by carrying out a spin at the wheel of their Morgan, without no serious consequences.

Return to Agadir to enjoy this arrival in the middle of the afternoon, then off to relax and enjoy the bay before joining the Moroccan desert during the 3rd stage.
See you tomorrow for the next stage!

Classement général provisoire / Temporary Ranking Classic

Catégorie Classics
1- 1- A. RAYNAL / CH. FIGARET (Shelby Cobra 289 FIA)
2- E. MARIS / V. MARIS (Aston Martin DB6 Volante)
3- C. GHISTELINCK / L. DAVID (Mercedes 280L SL)
Catégorie Prestiges
1- B. OUVIER / N. OUVIER (BMW Z4 Cabriolet)
2- P. LUCCHITTI / I. LUCCHITTI (Mercedes AMG Coupé)
3- PH. TRIPIER / CH. TRIPIER (Porsche Boxter S)

Les ERR du jour / Daily ERR

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