[cml_media_alt id='3123']CARTE-MAROC-CLASSIC-2017v2[/cml_media_alt]The Rally Morocco Classic – La Route du Coeur, organized by Cyril Neveu, five-time winner of the Paris-Dakar motorcycle, will start in Casablanca on 12 March.
For this 24th edition, Cyril Neveu and his team will welcome the 22 crews of the Rallye in Casablanca to the hotel Hyatt Regency, partner of the event.

“It is a must-see for people who are as passionate as me about classic cars and Morocco, a country so rich and diversified, that every year brings us its novelties for a journey that is always renewed and which will amaze competitors.”

The 2017 route will lead participants along the Atlantic coast and then to the mountainous landscapes of the Anti-Atlas and High Atlas.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI is giving this year his patronage to the Rally Morocco Classic, the Route of the Heart, and this honor implies a permanent search for excellence. Cyril Neveu and his team are making every effort to ensure that this rally is a source of pride for Morocco.

Competitors will travel 2,200 kilometers in 7 stages, an average of 330 kilometers per day, and will compete in the 19 regularity events scheduled for the duration of the rally, to which is added a circuit event. Each event will earn points for the participants, and the accumulated points will help to establish the overall ranking and determine the winner of the rally!

This year again, the rally promises to be an unforgettable adventure with a journey that will take the caravan from Casablanca to Marrakech, via Essaouira, Agadir & Ouarzazate. For the competitors, the race days, punctuated by gourmet halts and refined, will end in the most beautiful establishments of the Kingdom.

Today, Saturday 11 March, the day before the start of the 24th Rally Morocco Classic, was the traditional day of administrative and technical checks at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca.
The competitors have therefore found their cars dressed in the colors of Morocco Classic and its partners before facing the 7 stages and 2200km that await them.

The radiant sun that reigns on Casablanca this day will follow us throughout the rally and it is under this summer climate (33 degrees) that the competitors will start tomorrow Sunday 12 March at 8:30 am for the first car.

Departures will be given in the order of the numbers, with crew # 1 Damien and Emilie Courtens (father and daughter) who will have to defend their title acquired in 2016.

We also note that most of the competitors in this new edition will fight to obtain the best possible performance on all 20 regularity events in the rally. Unable to determine a favorite at the moment. We will therefore give you an appointment tomorrow, at the end of the first stage “Casablanca – Oualidia – Essaouira” for a first assessment of the forces involved.

The day’s summary in pictures

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