Rally Morocco Classic – La Route du Coeur: 25th edition
from 10 to 16 March 2018

Sunday, March 11 – STAGE 1: TANGER – TETOUAN

A departure from TANGER and a completely new route for the 25th Rally Morocco Classic. This is from the very famous HOTEL MIRAGE, located at the foot of the GROTTE D’HERCULES on the Atlantic facade, that was given the departure of Morocco Classic rally 2018. It was an exceptional show in the streets of Tangier to see scroll through the 30 crews driving legendary cars: not less than five Cobra, a Ferrari 275 GTB, a Lancia Aurelia B24, two beautiful Austin Healey, two DS (a totally prepared “rally” and a convertible), etc. After a few kilometers near the ocean towards Cape Spartel, the competitors have traveled the heights of TANGER before following the entire seafront & the Port to the Cape of MALABATA. The road then took a 180 degree turn south towards Meloussa and the neighboring hills. A show that the gloomy weather will not have managed to spoil: competitors did not know it yet, but the wind and heavy rains will accompany them all day, these bad weather making some difficult roads (km 122: the road was turned into a swimming pool, delicate passage well negotiated by the caravan of the rally). The road immediately changed appearance to become more winding and narrow. The competitors saw the free zone of Tangier, nestled in the center of a very wide valley, testifying to the intense logistical and commercial activity of the region. The rally then headed north-east to Cape Town near CEUTA, the Spanish enclave. It was then time to face the first regularity test (ERR). It took place on a road gaining height and dominating the Mediterranean Sea. Wind turbines accompanied the engines with their whistles! Short and fast, the timed track allowed the L. DERET / A. DERET crew to win this first ERR in Austin Healey 3000 in the Classic category. Prestige side, the Dodge Viper led by the crew B. OUVIER / J. OUVIER is at the top of the Prestige category! Once the special stage was over, the coastal road has resumed its rights for lead the competitors, randomly with a superb view of Ceuta left on the left, towards M’DIQ for lunch, feet in the water and the white sand at BANYAN TREE. After lunch, TETOUAN being located only a few kilometers from M’DIQ, the organization had concocted a loop route along the sea for many miles and offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean which seems to extend to infinity. This beautiful scenery, where the road blends perfectly into the high cliffs, offered an interesting ride to the starting point chosen for the second regularity test. This second time of the The day also marked the end of the coastal road and the entrance to Rally in cultivated land. The opportunity to discover the first mountainous foothills of the RIF and, needless to say, consisting of bends in steep rocky valleys. The second ERR of the day came to confirm the launch of sports: 7.9 km on wet road. This route was agreed upon by the JM crew. ARLAUD / MF. ARLAUD in the Citroën DS 21 in the Classic category, while B. OUVIER / J. OUVIER confirmed their 1st place in the Dodge Viper. The caravan of the Rally then caught up with the main road leading to TETOUAN, surprising city as hanging on the cliff, overlooking the sea ​​! The SOFITEL TAMUDA BAY, still a novelty, welcomes participants tonight at the end of this first stage. The competitors will meet tomorrow morning to take the road, direction FES. A step counting no less than 4 ERR!

Classement général provisoire / Temporary General Ranking

Catégorie Classics 1 – R. MEZIANE / Z. CHEMAO (Porsche Targa) 2 – E.EVERARD / JT. LEPLAT (Ferrari 275 GTB) 3 – JM. ARLAUD / MF. ARLAUD (Citroën DS 21)
Catégorie Prestiges 1 – B. OUVIER / J. OUVIER (Dodge Viper) 2 – M. COVAREL / C. MORARD (Mercedes SL55 AMG) 3 – LUCCHITTI / A. FORTE (MERCEDES AMG Coupé)
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