Press release #8

Saturday, 21 March

7th and last stage / MARRAKECH – MARRAKECH ( about 30 km – 1 ERC)

[cml_media_alt id='1041']Photos-Maroc-Classic-4766[/cml_media_alt]After 7 days of racing and 2,200 km traveled, all crews gathered this morning on the WTCC circuit for a final confrontation. The ranking was not fixed when competitors lined up for the start, forcing them to stay focused until the last minute. As proof, the crew C. Ghistelinck – David L. Mercedes – Benz Coupe 3.5, yesterday in second position, finished in third place overall after being snatch the second step of the podium by E. Wiederin crew – A. Hoefer, Porsche 356A. After 4 laps, the 22nd edition of the rally ‘s verdict: [cml_media_alt id='1043']Photos-Maroc-Classic-5098[/cml_media_alt]In Classic category: crew R. Cerezo – R. Cerezo Jaguar XK140 DHC confirmed its domination, who had already won 4 Special regularity. The 2015 final ranking, Classic catégory: 1 : R. Cerezo – R. Cerezo (Jaguar XK140 DHC) 2 : E. Wiederin – A. Hoefer (Porsche 356A) 3 : C. Ghistelinck – L. David (Mercedes Benz coupé 3.5) [cml_media_alt id='1042']Photos-Maroc-Classic-5076[/cml_media_alt]In Prestige category: M. Tazi – K. Ihsane, on Renault Megane RS, drop victory. We note the excellent performance of one of the two female crews , S. Benamour – C. Hiriart on Morgan 75th Anniversary which takes victory after dominating much of the stages in their category. The 2015 final ranking, Prestige catégory: 1 : M. Tazi – K. Ihsane (Renault Megane RS) 2 : S. Benamour – C. Hiriart (Morgan 75th Anniversary) 3 : T. Basri – M. Kadmiri (Jaguar XJS) If 2014 saw the triumph of Porsche, 2015 puts Jaguar in the spotlight, with 11 representatives of this legendary brand in motorsport world. The winners of the previous editions, F. Kaiser – B. Kaiser in 2013 and M. Tiyhkaku – O. Verger in 2014 finished 7th and 6th respectively. Tonight at Beldi Country Club of Marrakech, Gala dinner and Awards ceremony will allow competitors to relax after 7 days of tension and sporting events. Click here to download the final ranking.

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