Press release #2

Sunday, March 15

Leg 1: Casablanca – Oualida – Essaouira (380 km – 3 special stages)

[cml_media_alt id='825']Photos-Maroc-Classic-0989b[/cml_media_alt]At 9am this morning, foruty crews started from Casablanca with an unusual direction for the Rally : the Atlantic coast. Large modern road with perpetual activity took us first to the small village of Oualida. Seafood lovers feasted oysters barely out of their park. After lunch: towards the charming walled city of Essaouira. Known as captivating, this port city attracted many lusts for centuries. Here, mingle history, music festivals, winter sports and charming white medina, an UNESCO heritage site. Three regularity stages were linked together, competitors are taking the pace of the rally. [cml_media_alt id='826']Photos-Maroc-Classic-1324b[/cml_media_alt] The ranking of the day: 1 : M. Touhlali – O. Verger (Porsche 911 SC) 2 : D. Courtens – E. Courtens (Porsche 911 2.7) 3 : JM. Arlaud – MF. Arlaud (Citroën DS 21) Click here to download the full rankings.. Tomorrow’s stage: Essaouira – Immouzzer – Agadir. On the program: 250 km with 3 special stages along the beautiful Atlantic coast.

Leg 1 in images

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